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There are a few things I strongly believe:

Art brings more color, magic, and joy to your life
Positive & creative vibes always
Be bold, be bright; Pursue your passions, be confident. You can do anything
Nature is the greatest artist
Burritos are life

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Today you'll find me in my studio
Creating original paintings
Designing new collections and product lines
Painting bespoke wedding stationery designs
Developing hand painted branding for business owners
Illustrating children's books (now available!)
Planning my next mural painting
Collaborating with wonderful brands I admire, such as:

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Until then, I'm sending all of my positive & creative vibes your way!


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I'm Paige Poppe

A watercolor painter and designer based in Scottsdale, Arizona!

After leaving my native state of Arizona for college,
I returned and saw the desert with new eyes.
I found an appreciation for the landscape that I had once taken for granted. 

Through my artwork, I create modern, vibrant spins on the desert and nature.

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While working towards my Bachelor of Architecture degree
from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I started painting for self-care and to pursue my creativity. 

At this time, passion took over! Soon after graduating, I followed my heart and began my career as a full-time artist. The combination of an academic design background & a burning fire to create every day led me to where I am today. 


Looking for Paige Poppe Art? 

My artwork is carried is 30+ retail shops in the US,
ships daily from my online shop,
and I pop up at local events throughout the year!

Since last fall I have also been working between my studios in Scottsdale, Arizona & Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wherever I am you can bet I'm gathering inspiration, outside exploring, and creating art!

And, you can always find me via email! Please reach out at

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