Connor Dougherty Photography

Connor Dougherty Photography


Positive + creative vibes: Because positivity spreads, and creativity brings joy

Be bold, be bright: 
Pursue your passions, be confident, do you. You can do anything.

Burritos are life:  
Okay...maybe not life. But pretty close. 

arizona artist at work, paige poppe

 I'M PAIGE POPPE, and i'm an artist.

That's the short answer. 

The long answer is that I'm a 25-year-old passionate creative. 

I have a versatile background; holding a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and having pursued my art career full-time for the past 2 years.  

I work each day to chase my passion for art, spreading joy, color, and desert magic. 

 Connor Dougherty Photography

Connor Dougherty Photography

I'm influenced and inspired by:

the Arizona desert that I live & work in.
 The time I spent studying architecture in Copenhagen. 
The sound a graphite pencil makes on the page. 

The texture of creamy, buttery paint. 
A blank wood panel that is ready to be painted on and brought to life. 

A fresh palette of watercolor paints.
The cactus outside of my Scottsdale studio, and the fresh flowers outside the window of my Minneapolis studio. 

You'll never find me sitting still. I'm constantly creating!
(Which may be due to all the iced coffee I drink...but it's mostly my natural creative energy).

I am also grateful to have a history of wonderful clients.

I've designed products, logos, branding, packaging, and wedding suites for many clients & brands.

And one more piece of my life is this guy! Jake is my best friend of 6 years and boyfriend of 2 of those years.

Jake is a chemist and environmental engineer. While he puts up with my paint splatters, I try to figure out what the heck molecular spectroscopy is. Like seriously...what? How does his brain work

We love living our messy, crazy-busy, opposite-brained lives together.

 Asia Croson Photography

Asia Croson Photography

I also have videos + talks that were recorded and will help you get to know my vision + work a little better. 

The video below speaks a lot about my art,

and I was also recently interviewed by one of my favorite podcasts, Make it Happen by Jen Carrington.
If you'd like to hear my story, listen to our episode here. 

I am also proud to have collaborated + partnered with other wonderful brands.

My most recent release is a watercolor prickly pear yoga mat, in collaboration with DAT MAT.
Check out our "DAT MAT x Paige Poppe Art" Yoga Mat here!

If you need me, I'll be at my desk painting, creating, dreaming, and filming. 
I can be best reached via email, at

Until then, 

I'm sending my positive + creative vibes your way!