A Joyful Butterfly Mural Painting

I was honored to paint this colorful, joyful mural at the Arizona Girl Scouts Camp this spring!🎨🦋

The camp is formally known as "The Bob & Renee Parsons Leadership Center for Girls and Women at Camp South Mountain. The cabin & mural painting honor the contributions + leadership of Renee Labelle Parsons. The three qualities she most admires for girl leaders are collaboration, assertiveness and empath, which you will see are brought to life through the mural, along with more inspiring words, and butterflies to represent growth + transformation.

Thank you to Renee LaBelle Parsons and the Arizona Girl Scouts Cactus Pine Council for this opportunity to share my art with girls, campers, and visitors for years to come!

Thank you for watching!

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I Illustrated a Children's Book!

I have a little story for you today.

Last January one of my lovely clients referred me to her friend who had recently authored a children's book. This was a new project for me, and I hoped my artwork would be a good fit for the author, Nancy Rivest Green. 

The first time I spoke with Nancy on the phone, she read her story to me over the phone, and the whole book came to life in front of my eyes. I could picture the little main character Rosa living with her family in Mexico, I could see the vibrant plants popping up throughout the pages, and I visualized the brightly colored lettering as Rosa practiced her ABC's. I could see it all, and was so excited to work with Nancy to bring her writing to life! 


Here we are, about 18 months later. Through character development, a lot of feedback, and working with a wonderful publisher, my 33 pages of illustrations will be published this year! 

I am so excited to share that "Rosa Gets It Right" will be published late summer or early fall, and Nancy and I cannot wait to share our work with you. 

Rosa Cover.jpg

I'll be receiving the hard proof copy in the mail this week to review, and I can't imagine how exciting it's going to be to open that package! Ahh! 😍

If you would like to learn a bit more about the book, please enjoy this description from the back cover of "Rosa Gets It Right"

Rosa is always thinking about helping others. But it’s all that thinking that make others say – Wrong Again, Rosa! Follow Rosa as she finds a way to help herself by learning how to read. Join Rosa in this delightful alphabet book for emerging readers. Look again and again throughout the book to find all the alphabet pictures, using both Spanish and English words.

A charming way to introduce children to the alphabet as well as a second language.
— Bettina Woolard, Author of Do You Love

I also talk a bit more about the process + the book in this short video below for you to watch!

I will continue to keep you updated about the book's release & where you can find it💛

Thank you for having so much excitement + love surrounding this book! It has made me so happy to know that many of you are looking forward to adding it to your book collection or gifting it to a child that will enjoy it!

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Releasing Stickers in My Shop! ❤️Video

Hi friends! 

At the end of last week I released stickers in my shop! Yay! This has been a long time coming. Every time I teased them I would sell out before I could get them online. I think it was really worth the wait though, because it gave me time to expand the collection and release 5 stickers instead of the original 2 designs! 

In this vlog I take you behind-the-scenes of a launch morning for the stickers, and also share some other projects happening in my studio.

Click below to watch:

Stickers are available right here for you, individually as well as in 5-Packs and 4-Packs!

Thank you for watching today!

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