Sketchbook Tour!🎨Video Tour Inside My Lettering + Ideation Sketchbook

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Today I am sharing a sketchbook tour so you can see inside a finished sketchbook of mine! I have shared tours into my sketchbook in the past, and they are always well-received. Once I finished this sketchbook, I knew I had to share!

This sketchbook was mainly for hand lettering, client notes, and ideation. It really helped me develop new greeting card designs for my shop and was such a great tool for my creativity!

I think this sketchbook is a really great example of a "working sketchbook" in my opinion. It's not full of picture-perfect pieces, but was really crucial in my ideation process. I don't think I would have come up with my newest tote bag design or holiday greeting cards without it. 

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Do you have different types of sketchbooks? While this is a more "working" sketchbook, I also have more with lettering or finished watercolors in them. It's nice to have a variety and maintain a bit of organization with your ideas. 

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Watercolor Timelapse Painting + Free Printable!🌸🎨

Hi friends! Happy spring.

Today I am sharing a time-lapse painting of this watercolor floral piece, and guess what?! You can also download it, print it out, and hang it up in your space!

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Book Review!✨Start Where You Are✏️🎨 Paige Poppe, Artist

Hi friends!

I recently found a journal is helping me and making my daily life more enjoyable. "Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration" is creating more mindfulness in my life+ changing my morning routine for the better!

I’m excited to share this review with you and hope you enjoy. Click below to watch!

Resources Mentioned:

“Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration”

▶"Start Where You Are" Notecards

Giveaway Time!

I'm also so happy that I can share this journal with 2 of you! I am hosting a sponsored giveaway to gift a copy of "Start Where You Are" to 2 winners. Full rules to enter are mentioned within my video, and you can enter on my Instagram @paigepoppe on the corresponding post

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