DIY_floral shorts

i recently saw a great pair of high waisted floral denim with a white background on Riot Loco. but the price point was too high, so i decided to find a way to make my own!

i picked up a floral print blouse at Salvation Army for a dollar (r.i.p. dollar days). the blouse was too large so i used the fabric for the shorts, which are vintage Levi's from ebay.

this diy is so simple. i suggest taking a sheet of paper and laying it on top of the shorts and tracing out the shape you want with a pencil. then, cut the fabric according to this stencil and attach to the shorts with fabric glue, liquid stich, or sewing it on.

as you can see, i attached a piece on the front and the back, on opposite sides. this adds some extra visual interest to the shorts. good luck!