DIY_lace skull tee

i love anything with a skull on it. with many skull tees popping up in stores, i wanted to buy a few of my own. but high prices lead me towards making my own. the skull silhouette is really such a simple shape, you can make the shirt yourself with ease.

1_lay the lace out over your tee to get an idea of the scale your skull should be (i got my shirt at the goodwill). create a template out of paper for the head shape.

2_cut the shape out of the lace (i picked mine up at walmart)

3_cut out eye holes and a nose from the lace. the nose shape can be made with an upside down heart. also, its up to you how perfect and symmetrical you want to be with the face details

4_ fold the fabric in half near the mouth area and cut out oval shapes to make a decent amount of teeth

5_attach to the shirt with liquid stitch and iron like i did. or, attach with a needle and thread or sewing machine.

_i would pair this tee with colored skinny jeans and black studded combat boots...but, while its still summer, it makes a great sleep shirt.