DIY_studded denim vest and lookbook

this is a pretty self-explanatory diy, but i hope you enjoy!

start with a vintage denim jacket. i picked mine up at the goodwill for 10 bucks.

next, find some studs. i pulled mine off of this belt i got at the goodwill for a dollar.

when you attach the studs, you want them to stay and place and also not poke you while you wear the vest. heres my advice to attach studs the best way: _poke the prongs of the stud into the fabric where you want the stud to be step 1_(see photo) using a pair of pliers, bend each prong so that it is flat against the fabric step 2_(see photo) pinch each prong with the pliers so that it is bent inside of the stud. step 3_attach the studs wherever you would like on your jacket. i chose to do a row above each pocket and a few on the collar tips

heres my finished product. before i removed the sleeves for a more modern look, i played a little dress up inspired by 90's grunge.

finally, i removed the sleeves. my advice is to first cut off the sleeves at the seam. then, try it on and decide how much more you want to take in the shoulders. take off the jacket and begin cutting at that point, but cut a curve to prevent the arm holes from becoming too wide.

and heres the final product! i couldn't be happier with it, especially since i thrifted all of the materials. stay tuned for outfit posts in the future featuring my new vest!