DIY_Spike Earrings

i was recently inspired by a pair of earrings I saw on the Miss Selfridge website. they had spike charms and were very long--intended to be the same length as a girl with long hair. i wanted to recreate a long earring myself. Unfortunately, my hair is still pretty short so i had to make my earrings more of a medium length, but I am still really happy about the result! these earrings can be dressed up or down and literally took me 5 minutes to make! Here's the simple instructions:

1_take your pair of pliers and cut a piece of chain that measures the length from your ear lobe to the ends of your hair. 2_cut another piece of chain that is about half of the length of the other chain 3_open up the loop on the end of your earrings and hook both chains onto the loop. close the loop. 4_attach a jump ring to the end of each chain. 5_slide the larger spike charm onto the jump ring of the longer chain. close the jump ring. 6_slide the smaller spike charm onto the jump ring of the shorter chain. close the jump ring. 7_complete these steps for the other earring, and you're done!