DIY_Dollar Store Headband

Today I wanted to share with you the easiest DIY ever. like literally EVER. i hope you try it out and enjoy!

I picked up this really cool gold studded headband at the dollar store. I was actually surprised to find something like this there! I was not a huge fan of the shiny look though, but still liked the gold color.

I used gold metallic spray paint by Rustoleum to paint my headband. Rustoleum is hands down the best quality and color you can find for metallic spray paints, and you can pick it up at Home Depot or Lowe's.

Simply spray the headband outdoors. I ended up doing two coats just to make sure I covered all the angles of the pyramid studs.

Here's how the texture looks after. Better than before, right?!

And here's the finished product!

I'd love to see your finished DIY's. Show me your pictures at either my Instagram @punkrockparti or my Twitter @PaigePoppe