Cobalt + Construction

IMG_4275 The other night my parents and I hit up LGO for dinner. There are two new construction projects going up across the street from the restaurant, and being the architecture nerd that I am, I like to stop and check out the progress so far. I happened to find some blue on site that matched my cobalt blue cropped pants by BDG. I wore this metallic tee and pants combo to work, and it transitioned nicely into the evening, so no outfit change necessary! I finished off the look with my DIY hardware necklace, which you may remember I created specifically to compliment this top. It just needs something to dress it down if you plan to wear it to the office!







metallic tee // Urban Outfitters blue cropped pants // BDG by Urban Outfitters loafers // TJ Maxx bag // Gypsy Warrior nut + bolt necklace // DIY, purchase your own here!



This is one of the 2 projects going up right now. This small round building is by Will Bruder. You would think a quick google search would reveal what this structure will soon become, right? Wrong. This project has been dubbed by the firm as their "mystery building" and they're keeping quiet for now. You can bet I'll be passing by frequently for any clues during construction!

Thank you so much for reading! Whether you're a fashion lover or architecture lover, I hope you enjoy learning a little something new over here on my blog depending on your interests. See you tomorrow! x, Paige