Street Prints

IMG_5846 I have been obsessed with the bandana print trend for a while now, and I am so happy that it has become readily available in affordable online stores. It first caught my eye in this blogger's outfit post a year ago. That tee has been on my DIY list for a while now, but since I haven't quite gotten around to making one, I snagged these leggings instead. I picked these babies up at Wet Seal and was so surprised when I received them in the mail to find out they were by the brand See You Monday. This is a brand I have eyed and coveted recently! I expected a lower quality pair of leggings from Wet Seal but these are so smooth and stretchy. Wet Seal is also selling these for $10 less than any other online store, so I would totally recommend them!








I also had another great deal I wanted to share with you guys! This weekend I added even more pieces to my Threadflip closet as I am trying to become lot more minimal, and they have a 20% discount running through Thursday, August 8th! Just use the code FEEDME20 at checkout and your wallet will be happy! You can check out my closet here or any time on the sidebar of my blog. Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog, I hope you made it through your Monday! x.

bandana leggings // See You Monday via Wet Seal

black tank // Last Chance

loafers // TJ Maxx

bag // Gypsy Warrior

sunnies // Target

arm cuff // Fashion Q

yin yang ring // 90's heirloom yo!

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I have been having so much fun with apps lately, and rarely use just one. I made this gram today using a combination of VscoCam, Overgram, and Afterlight!