My New Home: Copenhagen!

Well, today is the day everyone! I am leaving for Copenhagen to study abroad for 9 months. This day has been long awaited and it's crazy that it's finally here. From now until Sunday, I will be flying from Arizona > Denver > Frankfurt > Copenhagen! I'll be at the airport and on planes all day, but wanted to share what I know about my new living situation at the present. Once I arrive, I'll probably give you an update on housing since I'm sure my perspective will change once I am actually there! I hope you're excited to join me on this exciting life adventure through my blog! copenhagen map base map via

I found out by email that I will be living in a town called Amager. As you can see from the map, it is it's own island to the east of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is an island in itself, so I surprised to find out I was living on an entirely different island! From what I can tell through Google Maps, I will be facing out over green meadows in one direction, and the city in the other. I also think I may be able to see Sweden from where I am, because it is that piece of land farther east on the map. We will see!


I will be living in an international kollegium, which means I will be living with other students from America and other countries. I will have my own apartment room, but some of the spaces will be shared, like this kitchen for example. This space looks so wonderful to be in, I almost can't believe it. I found this picture through various internet searches, so let's hope those are actually my new digs!

copenhagen routes

Also based on Google Maps (I'm trusting them a lot here) I will be able to get to school by bike in 25 minutes. This doesn't sound bad at all considering Copenhagen is very flat, making it a very bike-able city. I have also been told there is a 24 hour subway that runs into the city, so it sounds like I shouldn't have very much trouble getting around!


So guys, that is honestly all I know right now! There is a lot more to know, and I can't wait to explore my new surroundings. Like I said before, I will hopefully create a post in the future about what it's actually like to live in Amager. Stay tuned!

P.S. If you're thinking that my blog posts will be lacking due to travel, don't worry! All of this time spent traveling alone has given me lots of time to work on my computer and blog, so I will see you tomorrow! And if you want more real time updates, follow along on Instagram @punkrockparti.

x. Paige