Professional Pops of Neon

IMG_6726 Today I attended the Copenhagen DesignTrade Show, and wanted to dress professionally yet bold. I've said it before in past style posts, but this dress is a go-to for me for any semi-professional occasion such as an interview or a studio review…or for today! I also hope you're not too sick of seeing me wearing the same pair of running shoes every day! But today I just couldn't resist considering the neon tongues of the shoes matched the neon buttons on my dress. To add some of my own personality to the look, I added some handmade acrylic jewelry made by myself and my friend Ariana. It was a great choice because the necklace + ring became a conversation piece with various designers!

The show was amazing and I don't have much to say about it right now because I'm still speechless…but a post of all the lovely designs from the event will be up soon.








To tide you over until the post about the event, here is a shot of one of my favorite pieces from the show! These mixed media pillows of fabric and laser cut wood were showcased by designer Miriam Ortwed, and her other creations were just as lovely. Stay tuned! x. Paige

dress // Anthropologie trainers // Urban Outfitters midi rings // H&M Copenhagen acrylic ring // laser cut by my friend Ariana acrylic necklace // laser cut myself for this project