Copenhagen in iPhone Photos

I'm leaving on a 3-day study trip to western Denmark this weekend, and while I'm not the biggest fan of Instagram photo posts, I didn't want to leave you guys hanging! These are some of the shots I've taken as I explore my new city // enjoy! Copenhagen Insta 1

[clockwise from left] From my bike ride this morning in the Amager Nature Preserve //

Postcard I picked up from the Design Trade Show from Froh&Frau //

A raincoat I picked up at a recent flea market, haul video coming soon! //

The view out my window of 8 Tallet //

Copenhagen Insta 2

In an amazing passageway in the city, working on perspective drawing in my Urban Journal class //

Urban Outfitters Copenhagen //

Matching my Zara top to my Ikea chair. Ikea is abundant here //

From the very beginning--my packing process! //

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I will be MIA from the blogosphere during my trip, but will be back soon enough with some exciting posts! x. Paige