Snapshots of the Week

It's time again for my weekly photo series, a selection of the best 8! All of these snapshots are from last weekend's study trip to Western Denmark. We visited Århus, Kolding, and Ebeltoft, visiting various museums, parks, and architectural sites. The trip was a good mix of nature, city, and art which was so fun! Check out my picks below: IMG_7095

// View of a main street in Århus, from the top of the city council's bell tower.


// An amazing temporary installation for a festival in Århus. The public spaces designed in Denmark are all so successful and interesting.


// Heavenly chairs at the Trapholt Museum.


// The interior of this castle, Koldinghus in Kolding, Denmark, was incredible. A portion of it was renovated in the 1970's, resulting in the wood structure and red painted framework you see here. Every detail was flawless.


// Art trio at the Sorø Kunstmuseum. I think this would be a quick and clever DIY!

// Pretty + trippy window reflections in Ebeltoft.


// A breath of fresh air at the Århus University grounds, where we sketched for a while.


// Inside Olafur Eliasson's "Rainbow Room" at the ARos Århus Kunstmuseum. Panoramic views of the city in technicolor, what's not to love?

I hope that you enjoyed this little peek into my week! I will be doing a full post on the ARos Kustmuseum that showcases not only the art, but my outfits as well--so stay tuned in future posts for that. I hope that you all have a safe + fun weekend! I will mostly be in studio finishing a project due Monday, so I'll be around ;] Thanks so much for stopping by! x. Paige