Studio Style off Strøget

IMG_7490 Since I was heading in to studio to work all day, I figured why not wear an outfit that doubles in comfort and style? Although this outfit could probably pass as pajamas, I figured that dressing it up with some embellished shoes and jewels would assimilate me into the surroundings. My walk to studio is always quite interesting. My studio at school is located on Strøget, the longest pedestrian street in the world, which also happens to be the most touristy part of Copenhagen. There are tons of shops, restaurants, and street performers. I always feel like I'm part of the action as I sift my way through the weekend crowds.







I actually ended up changing tonight when I got home because there was a party at my kollegium [student apartment] to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of it's construction. I had the best time and was downstairs for like 6 hours! The Danes really know how to have fun. I will have to show you an outfit soon of what I wore, because it's quite different than what you would wear to a college party in the states. But now, it is late and I am off to bed! Hope you are having a fun weekend too, x. Paige

tee // H&M Copenhagen leggings // Wet Seal combat boots // Steve Madden backpack // TimBuk2 rosary // eBay spike necklace // Forever 21