Gold Accessories, Gold Facade

IMG_7830 So I wandered over to the Figure 8 building again tonight...I can't help it that I'm obsessed. Any of my architecture friends will tell you that I am a huge Bjarke Ingels Group fan and will defend their projects if anyone disagrees. And hey, if you live across from something by your favorite firm, I think taking any chance to soak it in is a good thing!

But anyways, about the outfit. I am having a major crush on this necklace I picked up in the city lately. A chunky gold chain necklace is a staple piece in a lot of European girls' wardrobes I've noticed, but I like that this one is a little bit different with the two layers and added spikes. I've been pairing it with a lot of plain tops lately, but finally wearing it with my favorite band tee today felt so right.







Tomorrow I have a big group presentation in studio to finish off the week, but am not really sure what to wear. No matter what I decide, I know it won't be too many layers. The weather here has been unbelievable. I know I talk about weather on this blog a lot...because, well, that sort of dictates what I wear everyday, but seriously it's so sunny and warm and beautiful here. Copenhagen, please stay like this forever. Let's just forget about that thing called winter and enjoy our tank tops and suntans. Please?

Iron Maiden tank // eBay, similar skinnies // American Apparel Easy Jean oxblood boots // Forever 21, gifted from my bestie! jacket // Fashion Hunters Flea Market, Copenhagen necklace // H&M Copenhagen zig zag ring // Urban Outfitters, similar midi ring // H&M Copenhagen, similar

xx. Paige