Travel Style in Prague

IMG_8945 Since I have been fortunate enough to be traveling out of Copenhagen about every 2 weeks, it has been important for me to have a go-to, easy travel outfit that keeps me comfortable on early morning plane rides. This sweater + leggings combo is what I've been wearing on the first day of many trips. Besides being cozy, I like that the 2 pieces are basics that I can mix and match with different pieces that I pack for the week. I wore this off the plane and then explored Prague for the day with my friend Elsa! These beautiful shots are from the lookout next to Prague Castle.








The next trip I am looking forward to is Paris! As much as I love a good sweater with leggings combination, I was inspired by this blogger's travel outfit because she achieves simplicity with more style. Since Paris is such a fashionable place, I will be trying to put together a travel outfit that is not only comfortable, but also fashion forward!

sweater // H&M, Scottsdale snakeskin leggings // WalMart combat boots // Steve Madden sunnies // Forever 21 scarf // H&M, Copenhagen