Back to Black

IMG_2071 When it gets down to the point where I really need to do laundry, I end up having two options. Dress kind of frumpy in some mismatched pieces, or grab the fancier items that don't get as much wear. On Monday night, my friends and I were meeting up in the meatpacking district of Vesterbro to have dinner at this cool pizza place, mother. It was a special occasion because one of our friends is leaving Copenhagen since she is only a one semester student, so I figured why not go with the fancy option? I grabbed my favorite vintage velvet dress + every other black item I could find, and headed towards the metro.






Now that I'm done with the semester, I can't believe that my first semester in Denmark is coming to an end! It went by so fast, so I'm really excited and grateful to spend another semester here. I think that I will really be soaking it all in now that I know the city so well. The only bad part is that I'm sad to see the new friends I've made go! x. Paige

velvet dress // vintage, [similar] leather jacket // H&M, [similar] ankle boots // Shoebou [here] beanie // Carhartt [here] cube ring // Amsterdam flea market [similar] black lasercut ring // Kant by Rahbek

photos by Elsa Brown