Cozy Christmas

IMG_2162 I feel like I've been putting "cozy" into the title of, like, all my blog posts lately...but I just can't help it! With my parents in town, we have been doing all of the classic Copenhagen stuff, and it's given me the chance to really appreciate the holiday decorations and events in the city. Tonight we saw a choir perform Handel's Messiah at a church in the city called Helligåndskirken. Besides being a little under dressed [oops!] it was really fun. Then we heard music on our bike ride home, and it was coming from Tivoli's nightly light show which we peeked at through the fence. Tivoli is Copenhagen's amusement park which you can see in the background of these photos! It is the oldest in the world and was Walt Disney's inspiration for a certain American park we all love. Passing by all of the lights inside Tivoli every night has been so sparkly, making me feel all cozy and christmassy.








Lately you have been seeing me wear a lot of leggings, and you may think that they're not the best choice for such a cold winter location. But think again! My aunt gifted me three pairs of fleece-lined leggings, and boy was I missing out! They've given me another way to stay cozy. I'm rocking the grey pair today and loved the change from my usual black and how they complimented my grey/oxblood toned socks. I think I'm finally becoming a pro at this whole cold climate thing...

Thanks for reading today guys, and I hope you're full of holiday spirit as well! x. Paige

skull tee // Cheap Monday [exact] cardigan // Vero Moda [similar] fleece-lined leggings // gifted [similar] boots // Forever 21 [similar] bag // Gypsy Warrior [similar] beanie // Carhartt [exact] socks // somewhere in Prague [similar]