Christmas in Germany

One of the best parts of living abroad so far was that I was able to visit all of the family I have in Germany for Christmas this past week. I hadn't seen many of them in seven years and we had a wonderful time. Another exciting part of the trip, was that since I had visited these German cities in the past, I was able to perceive them from a new perspective now that I have studied architecture for three and a half years. I especially loved Köln (Cologne) and all of the history there. I am hoping to go back in a few months to Köln to celebrate Karnival as well! Fingers crossed! IMG_2434

// Christmas market in Köln




// The Dom Cathedral in Köln. Something I did not learn the last time I visited, was that the city of Köln is built on ancient Roman ruins! There were large scale Roman sarcophagi and sewer pieces scattered all over the city, and really interesting pieces in a museum next to the Dome.


// The first time I went to Europe at 13, my "thing" was to photograph all of the interesting door handles I saw. When I got home, I made a framed collage of them all and hung it above my bed. This winged handle on The Dom has always been my favorite of the set, and it was really fun to see it again in person.


// Another favorite from The Dom, a new favorite, was this art piece by Gerard Richter. Look closely because this isn't the average church stained glass window. After the original glass art was destroyed during the war and the replacement piece never seemed to do the cathedral justice, Richter was commissioned to make something new. I love this piece because it is beautiful and isn't trying to be something old; it is completely new and exciting.


// More Christmas market cuteness in Köln. There were little gnomes peeking out everywhere. I die.



// A lot of my family lives in Kessten, Germany along the Mosel River. The area is popular for vineyards and wine making because of the good climate and soil, but is also just totally pretty.



// A few more charming shots from Köln


// I loved this public play space along the water in Köln. It reminds me of some of the successful children's parks in Copenhagen. Good city planning at work!


// Finally, I was really excited to spot this pixelated tile art by the street artist Invader! I love spying works like this when I'm traveling.

How was your holiday? Did you go anywhere new? I hope it was great! x. Paige