Florence Street Artist: Clet

So I've raved about Florence quite a bit on here already, but there was one part of my week that was especially fun for me. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of street art, and will usually photograph any of it that I see. When I first started walking around the city I kept spotting these funny characters on street signs. I enjoyed that they weren't especially political or controversial, and were mostly just for laughs. It started becoming a little game for me to try and find as many pieces as I could while exploring Florence.


Then, early in the week my friend Steph was taking me up to Piazza Michelangelo to check out the view and sketch a bit. On the way there, we ended up stumbling upon the artist's studio, who we now know as Clet. It was a such a cool space where you could not only buy stickers of the street sign art, but there were also quite a few works in progress like a big junk + wood sculpture in the middle of the room. Peeking at all of the art on the walls and browsing through his prints was really fun. Touring a lot of cities, you tend to keep coming across the same tacky art for sale on the streets, so finding something like this is always really special.

I found quite a few throughout the week! I think that contrast is something I'm drawn towards in both art and architecture, and I especially love how Clet's work contrasts the ancient architecture of Florence.


















You can check out more of Clet's art on his Facebook page or maybe you will spot some in the next city you visit! x. Paige