Welcome to the NEW Punkrockparti.com!

Hi guys! I'm so happy your here to check out the new site with me. As you can see, I'm still at the same dot com so no worries about having to track me down! I just have a fresh new look for the new year! Yay! It took a bit longer than I expected to get everything all set up...but that was the trade off for redesigning the site myself. Definitely worth the wait! 

NEW BLOG launch phtoo.jpg

A few words about why I made the change from Wordpress to Squarespace: 

- Squarespace is just downright sexy. Their templates, interface, and simplicity really drew me in. This was a change I planned to make in the summer, but when I found myself with a week of free time I figured why not now? 

- I also wanted to house my blog + portfolio all in one place. Today someone asked me, but should you really mix church and state? My answer was yes. When people are coming to read my blog, I also want to be able to display the kind of work I do. You are my possible future clients! I love the idea of having it all together on one site. 

- With new interviews and content coming soon to Punkrockparti, I wanted a more eye-catching site to compliment all of the cool stuff that will be found here! 

Overall, I'm very happy I made the switch. Squarespace took a bit of getting used to, but their team was there for me 24/7 if I had any questions. Seriously. They're literally always there to help and super friendly! I couldn't have gotten the new site up without them! 

Welcome to the new Punkrockparti.com and I hope you like it here! If you have any questions you can always email me at ppoppe@cox.net or contact me here!