A Penny Board Painting for a Phoenix Photographer

First of all, let's talk about how many P's I stuffed into that blog post title. Can I get an alliteration award?

Next let's talk about the power of Instagram for a second. I swear I make a new friend on there at least once a week. And not just an Internet friend, like a real life, let's grab a coffee, kind of friend. And I love it.  

I hand molded + painted this "penny" skateboard for an amazing film photographer, Will Fryar, of 'City on Film'. 


How did Will + I meet? Through Instagram. Well, sort of. We actually both attended the same Instagram meet-up (more fondly known as an Instameet). Weirdly though, we spoke for like 5.2 seconds that night + ended up just being Insta-friends later. 

Long story short...I am very honored to have made this deck for Will's film gallery show, and love seeing his beautiful work while scrolling through my feed. Which is often...have I mentioned I love Instagram? Nope. Didn't think so. 

And before I sign off, I should probably talk about the design of this deck, huh? Will resides in my home state of Arizona, so the deck features the Phoenix skyline. He's got a thing for tattoo roses (as do I) and has a half-sleeve of them on his arm. Finally, the main text was inspired by the Kiehl's font (gorgeous) and BAM. The whole thing came together into one pretty penny board. 

Photo courtesy of Will Fryar

Photo courtesy of Will Fryar

Thanks so much for reading + watching you beautiful babes! 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way,