Holiday Gift Guide 2014! ❄ For Artists + Creatives!

The holidays are right around the corner! Wait, don't stress out. I've got you covered.

Have a creative or artistic person you need to buy a gift for? Here's my suggestions. They're awesome if you ask me. Okay I'm biased...but just watch the video + you'll see what I mean :) 

I hope I gave you some inspiration! Hell, even if you're the creative one, treat. yo. self. You deserve it. 

Look, I've made it even easier for ya + everything is listed right here. Now you have no excuse!


Koi Watercolor Box (now has 18 paints!)

Zequenz Sketchbook

Nikon FM10 Camera 

Cute Patterned Pencil Cases 

Wood Paint Palette 

Good luck with getting all of that shopping done! I hope I've made your life a bit easier so you can spend more time with your friends + fam instead of rushing around at a store! 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!