Cycle Chic


I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Danes are so damn chic. They have great style, of course, but another thing that allows them to be so stylish while commuting are their bikes. Now, I'm not new to the biking world in Copenhagen, but I did upgrade to a new bike last week and it has changed my morning ride to school. This model allows you to sit upright and also ride easily while wearing a long coat. Just in time as well because I snagged this amazing wool one at the Zara sale. Biking has become a whole new experience for me now, and a lot more stylish. 


I made a joke on Twitter the other day about becoming "Copenhagenized" with my new bike [inspired by the Copenhagenize blog] but it really is true. I am assimilating more every day in Copenhagen, and while my flight home is still far away, I really don't want to leave. This makes me so happy that I decided to spend two semesters studying here instead of one. I now feel like I'm a part of this city, and enjoy every day here. 

Striped weater, H&M // similar

Coat, Zara // similar

Black leggings, H&M 

Moto boots, Zara // similar

Photos by Elsa Brown


One new feature I love about Squarespace is the map tool! Since travel + the urban lifestyle are a huge part of this blog, I have always wanted to include a map to show you where we're located in each post. These were taken in the city center of Copenhagen, near my school. I love this interactive tool, so check back for more maps in the future! x. Paige