Watercolor Wednesdays || Volume 1


This semester I am taking a weekly watercolor class on Mondays. Quite the relaxing life I'm living, right? But really, it is a great way for me to ease my way into the beginning of the week and slow down before I get caught up with school + work. If I wasn't taking this class I would probably never take 2+ hours of my week to sit and practice this new medium, so I am so glad I signed up for it. On top of that, my teacher is an architect and most of our drawings are focused on building details and city scenes, so I am one happy camper...or painter I should say!


These city scenes [of public square Gåbrødretorv] are two of the first paintings I completed...after we practiced some still life of course. Our professor encouraged us to do the drawings rather quickly, and then we went inside to paint. I like how the short time frame made them come out. 


This painting of an arch detail inside Rådhuspladsen Town Hall is my personal favorite. I tend to rush when I paint because I'm used to working with acrylics and trying to get client work done as fast as possible to ship out. I really took my time mixing colors and painting each individual brick, and it definitely paid off to slow things down. 


I'm not as crazy about this window detail [also inside Rådhuspladsen Town Hall] because I rushed through it and didn't tread lightly enough with the colors. But hey, practice makes perfect!


As you can tell, I haven't finished this painting yet. However, I do like that aspect of it so when I go back to paint more, I think I will only add a few more touches and let some of the sketching speak for itself. 

That's the best of my sketchbook so far! I hope you will enjoy this new weekly series on Punkrockpartí and maybe it will encourage you to watercolor or try out a new hobby yourself?! See you tomorrow, x. Paige