Evening Commute

evening commute map.png

With the sun finally setting later, I threw my camera into my bike basket on my ride home from work tonight. Follow me along on my commute home!

cover photo.png

I work in a district of Copenhagen called Frederiksberg, which is right next to my favorite neighborhood, Nørrebro. Tonight I made a point to go down some streets I don't usually take and to explore a bit instead of rush back to my apartment. This image is from a street in Nørrebro called Rantzausgade. 


This is a canal that I think I have seen from afar, but have honestly never gone across before, called Frederiksholm Canal. It's so charming! 


Next I was so happy to capture the typical hustle and bustle of Copenhagen after work hours. I never seem to have my camera in hand at the right moment, but tonight was successful!


I pass by the famous Nyhavn every day on my way to and from my apartment, but on this route I ended up right in the middle of it which caught me by surprise.


After crossing through the Amalienborg Palace plaza, I came upon Frederiks Kirke, which is nothing short of magnificent. [Side note: I feel like my adjectives are getting pretty sappy at this point, but seriously look at this place!!] Next I turned right on the street up ahead, which is my typical route home.


Whoever decided that bright colors shouldn't be used on residential buildings in the US [I'm looking at you Phoenix cookie-cutter neighborhoods] obviously had never been to Copenhagen.


We're getting close to my home now, and these curious buildings are on my street. These are still used as housing today, believe it or not. I want to look further into the history + design of these guys. 


And...I'm home! In total my ride home is 3.5 miles [5.7 km] and it is a beautiful and exciting ride at that! Thanks for coming along with me on my journey today. 

I'd love to know, what does your commute like? It may not be as pretty of a place as Copenhagen, and trust me, I don't take it for granted. What kinds of improvements would you like to see in your city? x. Paige