I Finally Went to Berlin! || A Photo Diary

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We found ourselves in Berlin 2 weeks ago for our most recent school trip. I was very excited to go, considering all of my German relatives have told me how much I'd like Berlin since I was younger. Finally seeing what they were raving about was awesome. It was a great great mix of old and new and full of my favorite things. Crumbling brick buildings? check. Cool cafés and bars? check. Street art? CHECK. Join me on my little photo tour: 


I've always had this fascination with the Berlin Wall, so I tried to see as much of it as possible. One of the obvious locations is the Eastside Gallery. It is the longest remaining stretch of the wall, and artists were asked to paint murals on portions of it. It's so colorful and exciting, and gives so happiness and life to some not-so-happy history. 


Another place to check out the Berlin Wall but get a bit more history is the Berlin Wall Memorial Park. It is a beautiful park which also includes text, images, and videos about Berlin's past. There are also foundations remaining from old houses and military structures, so it is a pretty fascinating place.

P.S. Across the street from the memorial is another park called Mauer Park. They have a flea market there every Sunday and it is hands down the best and most affordable flea market I have ever been to. I don't have any pictures of it unfortunately, but go check it out for yourself! You won't be disappointed. 


Gotta love these cute little guys that help you cross the street. I believe they were original to East Berlin and were later adopted by parts of West Berlin.


Another cool place we went was the Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing. The building was really well designed and the drawings were quite incredible. It was a private collection and I could tell the owner was fond of a couple of Russian artists, whose drawings were some of the most interesting. 


Friends being cute at the Holocaust Memorial. Which has a pretty big impact, but it also like a giant maze that towers over you, which adds a cool interactive factor. 


Inside Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum, which is a must-see while in Berlin, in my opinion. 


Hey look, a really nice brick building! Just kidding...it's a plastic tarp. As tacky as this first seems, I think this kind of thing is playful and unexpected. It probably defies a lot of architectural theory, but who cares? These are the kind of things I love about cities. 


And finally, this is one of my favorite pictures from the trip, of Norman Foster's addition to the Reichstag parliament building. The man in the bowler hat stepped into the shot right as I took this photo. It gives me some real Surrealism vibes that are reminiscent of what else but, "Man with the Bowler Hat."

I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of Berlin! Lucky me, I will be going back to Berlin next week on my travel break for 4 days and staying with my family there. I can't wait to dig deeper into the city--exploring more of Kreuzberg is at the top of my list! 

Thanks for stopping by today, and I'll see you tomorrow! x, Paige.