Life Lately || Volume 2

This week was, yet again, another wonderful week in Copenhagen. As someone who has lived on the west coast their entire life, I was sure I was going to struggle with the weather here. But now that the winter has mostly passed, I've decided 43 degrees is the perfect temperature, and that's where we've been staying right now. Cold enough to wear fun jackets and layers, but not enough to make you curse over cold hands. Here's a peek at my week: 

Life Lately 1.jpg

1// On Wednesday my Danish design class took a field study to the Design Museum Danmark. It's always fun to check out the originals created by the greats, like these 1968 Flowerpot pendants by Verner Panton 2// Yesterday you could find me wearing this is a nearby cafe working on my current studio project. It's deadline time! 3// A little flashback to one of my first outfits posts in Copenhage, which makes me realize how long I've been here...and how awesome that is. 4// Not only could I talk your ear off about how great the weather is, but I could also go on about how nice it is that the evening light is back. On my way home from work I've been throwing my camera in my basket and take pictures along the ride, like in my Evening Commute post. 

Life Lately 2.jpg

5// Another little throwback photo, to share some Valentines love! 6// I spotted this art vending machine at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and I wish it was something that actually existed for nights when I'm lacking inspiration 7// Copenhagen cat...just chillin 8// Spotted some Italian art [cc: Birth of Venus] in a Copenhagen courtyard.

Links I'm Loving:

  • If you like the last 2 images above, I highly recommend that  you check out @CitiesResearch on Twitter. Every Monday they have a little RT contest where people share their photos of urban places and spaces. I love checking out the submissions and these were 2 of my entries--the cat one even inspired a little animal themed contest!
  • Speaking of social media, an Instagram account I'm really loving right now is @SketchInc. Besides selling cute paper goods, she gets really creative with her little Insta-scenes.
  • If you're a fellow blogger, you should take a look at the Elembee Blog. This web designer shares the best blogging + layout tips that will freshen up your page and make it attractive to readers. I love her advice! 

What inspired you this week? I'd love to hear from you in a comment below!

I'll see you tomorrow with my photo diary from Berlin! x, Paige.