Watercolor Wednesdays || Volume 2


My attempts at watercoloring continue! This week of class didn't result in a bunch of paintings because we focused on spending more time on a painting and getting more detailed. After practicing a shading technique and then headed out into the city to sketch and capture shadows. I still have a hard time with color mixing, but I can see some improvement I think!

Photo Feb 24, 12 59 41 PM.jpg

We took advantage of the sun and sketched the details and shadows of this facade at Christianborg Palace. I love opportunities like this to stop and appreciate each detail in a building, that we can just walk by and take for granted. 


As you can see, I need to practice getting the colors more correct. However, I've learned to be patient and really enjoy getting the shadows right and each individual color of cobblestone. This was a fun painting and I'm excited to finish it with some more shadows + the cobblestone details. 


This guy was our homework, but I thought I would share. I painted the interior of my room around 10 AM on a Monday. What I like about it: the facade colors outside that are peeking through my window, and the contrast of the lamps with the white space. What I don't like: I wish I had paid more attention to the shadows and my color choices as well. I feel that the composition is a bit overwhelmed because I used too many colors. Next time I will narrow down my palette. 

Today was a pretty simple series of paintings, but our homework this week is to do 3 paintings on our travel break. I'll be in Köln and Berlin Germany, and I'm excited to see what I'll be inspired to paint there! 

Are you interested in learning how to watercolor? Let me know in a comment below! x, Paige.