Notebook Envy

I have a bit of a notebook obsession. I probably need to show you my [growing] collection soon to prove it. I think the fact that they're both pretty and useful is what draws me in...

Not gunna lie, I had quite the collection of Lisa Frank and Britney Spears adorned notebooks when I was a kid, but they were always left blank. These days I've gotten much better at throwing one in my bag and filling it up, and I've also upgraded to some more stylish [and um, mature] designs. These are a few that I'm currently lusting over!


1// These babies say it all! [Fab]

2//This one is definitely challening Lorde. I would gift this one to my bestie! [Smythson]

3// Gold + white are so on trend at the moment. I love the clean look! [Kate Spade]

4// "Futile Attempt at Organising My Life" HA! This one kills me. [Wild and Wolf]


5// You thought I was obsessed with notebooks? Ya...let's talk about maps. [Urban Outfitters]

6// These gold embossed lettered babies are just too good. I had to share two! [Smythson]

7// Shout out to my home state! I love this guy, and he's even on sale! [Blackbird Letterpress]

8// A motivating notebook, is a good notebook. Take this one's advice! [Urban Outfitters]


So, what do you think..are you as obsessed as I am? No? Okay, maybe it's just me ;) x, Paige.