Travel Collections

So while I try not to be too touristy when traveling, I still have to pick up a few souvenirs, right? Definitely. Today I'm sharing what I collect on trips, which are miniatures. Kind of silly, but also super cute. 


I didn't just start collecting miniatures though, it's been a thing for a while. My mom + her family are big fans of miniature collections, and they each have one. She stores hers in an antique printer's tray, and ever since I was younger I always wanted my own. I picked one up at an antique store in Minnesota and shared it a few months back in my Bedroom Tour.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.14.50 PM.png

I think miniatures are a great thing to collect while traveling because they're so small which makes packing at the end of my trips a lot easier! They're also pretty inexpensive and it can be fun to hunt for the most unique ones. As you can see, my shelf is already pretty full, so I'm thinking of finding a small shelf to hold just the miniatures I've collected while living abroad. 


What do you collect when you travel? Would you consider collecting miniatures? x. Paige

P.S. Hope you are loving the new look Punkrockparti!