Essential Travel Apps



Becoming a more confident traveler is one of my proudest accomplishments of studying abroad. I love that I can explore a new city and not worry about getting lost or making mistakes. However, I couldn't do it alone. I can conquer a new place as long as I have my iPhone in hand, loaded up with these 6 essential apps of mine. If you're traveling somewhere new anytime soon, these are some must downloads!

Fav-city maps.png

My first [and favorite] is CITY MAPS TO GO. I use this baby even when I'm not traveling, to navigate my way around Copenhagen. Before I leave on a trip, I just download the map of the city I'm about to visit. It has literally all the cities you can think of. And the best part? By downloading all of the map info beforehand, it runs without wifi or data, so you can use it anywhere anytime!


This app is a fun one. Postcards are one of my favorite things to collect + send on a trip. However, it can get pricey. Postcards typically cost between 50 cents and a dollar, and then the postage to the US is $3 believe it or not! The SNAPSHOT POSTCARD app allows you to turn your personal travel photos into a postcard straight from your iPhone, and they take care of the postage for you. From my experience its $1 to $2 to send a card with their service, so you save money and add a personal touch to your mail!


Where would I be without WHATSAPP in my life? This lets me communicate with my friends + family back at home while avoiding any kind of long distance charges. It runs on wifi [or data if you so choose] and I like the interface because it's pretty similar to iMessage. Definitely a must have to keep in contact and share all your fun travel moments!


So this app may only be necessary when traveling alone, but it is the ultimate life hack. TIMER CAM is your way to step up your selfie fame without an awkward arm shot. You set the timer, stand back, and it does the work for you. Great for when you find yourself in front of a monument without a stranger around to take a picture for you. I'm a fan. 


Another essential is this currency converter app, XE CURRENCY. This app updates the most recent conversion rates so you always know what you're getting for your money. You can also save your 7 most frequently used currencies on the home screen for easy access when you're about to purchase something. 


Finally, the PASSBOOK app may be a no-brainer [it comes pre-installed on the iPhone] but I actually never used it until recently and I wish I had started sooner. You can save all of your boarding passes to it, and easily access them from your phone and just have the airport staff scan your screen. I also think it's fun to scroll back through the app and reminisce about all the fun trips you've taken! 

If your traveling anytime soon, these apps will save you so much time, money, and frustration. If you're on a trip and want to focus on site-seeing without worrying...there's an app for that! 

Have you used any of these tools before?

Stay adventurous, x. Paige