Life Lately || Volume 5

Happy Sunday! So I was a little less active on the blog this week with Jake visiting, but I hope you caught both of my style posts here and here

Anyway, what a fun week I just had. Jake and I basically had a non-stop hangout sesh for the week just exploring Copenhagen. I had a big list of all the places I wanted to take him, and we went through the entire list. That's right. We did so much that we even had time to take trains to northern Denmark and Sweden to explore some castles! Today I'll share a few Instagram shots of our staycation, but I also went through almost 2 rolls of film and can't wait to get that developed this week! 


1// Took Jake to breakfast at my favorite place, Grød! We had the mango raspberry porridge and the apple compote porridge too. Yum! 2// We got so lucky with the weather this week. On Monday we stopped by the King's Garden after class and admired the new blooming flowers! 3// On top of the Round Tower at sunset 4// Bike adventures to Superkilen park to hang out with a black octopus. Casual. 

Links I'm Loving Lately:

  • I know it's a men's tee, but I'm really loving this tattoo flash shirt by Abandon Ship Apparel right now! I love the crisp black and white for summer. 
  • After 7 months of eating delicious foods when I travel throughout Europe, I'm finally feeling ready to start eating healthier again. I want to start with this Strawberry Balsamic Salad. I die for fruit based salads!
  • I just bought a Kindle, and the first book I'm planning to download is Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places. I started reading this last semester and didn't finish it the library due date. So I can't wait to get back into it!

After a week of stay cation [or not real life as Jake and I call it] I am easing myself back into my schoolwork and blogging. Check the blog every day this week. I've got a bunch of style posts + the rest of my Berlin adventures to share! 

See you tomorrow! x, Paige.