Berlin Round 2! A Travel Diary


Yes, that's right. Berlin was just so good that I had to share a third post with you of it. I felt so inspired there two weeks ago, and you can see why. The perfect balance of grit, color, new + old. I just love it there! 


This baby is a facade in the Jewish Quarter, that is a space for craftsmen to discuss their business practices. I was so into it that I even painted it


Neue Synagoge // New Synagogue, and I went to the top of that dome!


I found more Invader street art!! After finding two of them in London, I am on a roll. Finding new street art is such a fun little game for me. 


The above two are from the Corbusier House, which I really enjoyed getting a chance to visit. We poked around and it was actually quite creepy in the hallways. We're talking artificial lighting, no windows, and really low ceilings. It felt rather hospital like and personally, I wouldn't want to live there. But I appreciate it for the monumental architecture it is. 


Well I'm sad that that's all I've got to share from Berlin for now, because I really want to go back. Hopefully the next time will be in the near future! 

If you want to see more from Berlin, you can do so right here:

Thanks for stopping by today loves! x, Paige.