Life Lately || Volume 6

For the amount of fun I had last week, this week definitely made up for it with an influx of work and deadlines. I was so happy to see Friday after working, taking 2 midterms, and a big architecture presentation. Cheers to the freakin' weekend!! A few pretty life moments helped me stay sane this week:

life lately 6.jpg

1// I'm still loving this inspiring shot from my trip to's currently my desktop background! 2// I love my bike ride home from work because I go through Nørrebro which always has something new to find. Love this "Are you okay, Homie?" street art on a temporary metro wall 3// Pretty Penny boards hanging up at Hay Design House 4// One last shot from my really fun week with Jake. I wish he was still here! 

Links I'm Loving Lately

  • I love following biz advice ladies. Even though I may not have my own small business yet [besides blogging!] I think they're really inspirational and motivating. Marie Forleo is one of my current favorites, and it's especially cool that she has a very active Youtube channel!
  • One author I really love is Sharon Zukin, and her book Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places is just too good. It's currently living in my Kindle and when I finish I think I'll do a book review for you guys! But until then, check out this video interview of her talking about cities. It's great content!
  • And on a fun note, I really adore this print I spotted on blogger Queen of Jetlags Instagram feed. I want to track one down for myself!

And now I know I'm always taking off but...I'm going to Sweden + Finland with my school this morning! Yass! This will be the perfect getaway after that seriously hard week I mentioned. I'm having visions of tall trees, saunas, and good architecture. Sounds great, right? 

I hope you guys will have a great week, and just because I'm gone doesn't mean there won't be new posts so check back to Punkrockparti, or check the left-hand sidebar to subscribe by email so you don's miss out! I love you guys and will talk soon! x, Paige.