Watercolor Wednesdays || Volume 5


As you guys know, I'm away traveling in Sweden at the moment, but I wanted to keep this watercolor series going because I am really loving it. I've only got one painting to share with you today because my sketchbook is still under review for my class, but I have a good story about this painting and it's one of my favorite pieces so far. 


You know from my watercolor supplies post that I hadn't been painting on the best watercolor paper out there. I was being stubborn and painting in a small sketchbook with average not-really-watercolor paper, which totally wasn't doing justice on my work! So, this painting is actually a re-do. I had completed it in class in my sketchbook, and was so disappointed in it because the scenery was just gorgeous that day and my painting didn't capture it. Therefore, this painting was my second try, and I am so glad I found the time to try again! 

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 8.28.42 PM.png

Now I have a painting that I am proud, and reminds me of a really pretty day in Copenhagen, and a happy time in my life. It pays off to try again, and practice definitely does make perfect! 

Have you had any re-do's lately? I'm guessing that second take was better. Share yours down below! Talk soon. x, Paige.