Life Lately || Volume 4

As you saw in yesterday's travel post, I'm back from Germany! What a great week I had with my family. It is so nice to be living in Europe and have the chance to build relationships with them, because we really don't see each other often. I started in Köln to celebrate Karneval [realized I was spelling that wrong the entire weekend...awk.] We wore silly costumes and collected candy every day! Then I was off to Berlin for the second time this month--my relative studied architecture so she knew all of these great spots to take me and could tell me all about the history. Some of the places we went are now in my top 5 of my favorite sites in all of Europe!

life lately 4-2.jpg

1// Enjoying a Köln Kölsch beer in front of the incredible Dom Cathedral, which is one of the best cathedrals in my opinion 2// Costumes ready for our first night of Karneval! 3// I've never seen an entire city be so committed to a holiday before. The costumes were insanely elaborate!

life lately 4-1.jpg

4// Heilandskirche, an Italian Romanesque Revival style church, located on a beautiful lake in area of Berlin known as Sacrow. It was so interesting to see this style of architecture in an unexpected city, and it framed the view of the lake perfectly. I die! 5// I have started a fun new Instagram project at @TipoftheWorld after seeing a reoccurring pattern of tops-of-buildings images in my photo library. Follow + join in on the fun! 6// I love that AirBerlin gives you a sweet chocolate heart every time you land. I think they are one of the best airlines! 

Links I'm Loving Lately:

  • I found some new settings on my camera that have amped up the quality of my photos. I'd love to take this Mastering Your DSLR class to get even better!
  • This infographic about biking culture in Copenhagen was a fun read!
  • I've been waiting for the day when 3D printing is incorporated into Ready to Wear fashion, and this article proves its finally here!

It's great to be back in Denmark, especially because I was welcomed with SO MUCH SUN! Also...Jake arrived in Copenhagen today!!! As someone who rarely uses more than 1 exclamation point, the fact that I just used 3 proves how excited I am. We are going to have such a fun week! 

Don't forget to keep up with our adventures on my Instagram @punkrockparti and I hope you have a rad week! x, Paige.