Life Lately || Volume 9

Despite this week being foggy and rainy, the anticipation of my vacation starting made it bearable. I'm officially on break for a week! And just in time too, because the sun has been shining all weekend long! This is our last travel break before the semester ends, but I've decided to stay in Copenhagen and enjoy this place that has become my home. I kicked off my break by exploring the city all day, doing some painting on the waterfront, and taking photos with my film camera. Later my friends came over for pizza + movies. Such a perfect day if you ask me! I'm so excited for my week off here. 

life lately 9.jpg

1// The other day I was super rushed, but when I spotted these cherry blossoms I had to hop off my bike and enjoy them for a moment. A little reminder to stop and smell the "roses!" 2// What I wore for a fancy Sunday. Make sure you watch my video on styling statement necklaces! 3// Getting my wallet stolen while traveling was a big pain, but buying a new bright one for spring makes it a little better 4// Shared a little flashback of one of my favorite band tee outfits that just screams America. I'm just a tad bit excited to go home soon! 

Links I'm Loving Lately:

  • I'm working on a secret creative project right now [can't wait to share!] and I stumbled across this ebook for creatives at the perfect time! I am planning on buying it today and will be sure to let you guys know how it is!
  • I think that this room makeover is the talk of the Internet this week. The color palette isn't something I'd typically be drawn to, but I think it is just perfection!
  • Now that I'm on staycation, I want to use some of my free time this week to cook up some fun recipes for myself. Last night I made stir fry, and next I wanna try out these Sweet & Salty Banana Chips so I can snack healthily! 

How are you welcoming spring? Leave a comment below and share with me! x, Paige