Watercolor Wednesdays || Volume 9

Photo Apr 15, 6 53 53 PM.jpg

Today I didn't feel like showing off my watercolor painting progress, but instead wanted to talk about what the best part of taking a watercolor class has been. For me, it has been all of the lovely hours I've spent outside, just relaxing and taking in the scenery around me. There have been many days this past week when I wanted to be outside and enjoy the good weather, but I am the kind of person that always has to be multitasking and have my hands busy, so this hobby has been perfect for me! Here are a few scenes from the lovely time I spent painting outdoors. 

Photo Apr 15, 7 36 06 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 16, 3 48 10 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 16, 3 47 53 PM.jpg

I've noticed that since I've started watercoloring more, I am more appreciative of the buildings and scenery I have studied. Copenhagen has become a familiar place to me over these last 8 months, but when I spot a building that I have painted before, it strikes a chord with me that didn't before, and I almost have muscle memory of all it's pretty details. 

If you haven't tried watercoloring yet, you should! x, Paige