Life Lately || Volume 11

Man, what a fun week! As you guys know, my family was here visiting for the past week and we had such a great time. The weather...I just, I can't even. It was SO perfect the whole time they were here, which equaled a lot of lounging at street cafes and sipping on yummy drinks. Afer dropping them off to catch their flight, I headed over to Nørrebro to check out an amazing street flea market. Today I wore sandals [sans tights!] and fell asleep in the grassy area on Nørrebro's bridge, Dronning Louise's Bro. Um so ya...any day that I get to take a sunny cat nap is a good day in my book!

1// Today's look for flea market huntin' post-park nap 2// While giving my family a little tour of Nørrebro I found this piece of street art I had never seen before and I think it's a new fav! 3// My Danish Design class had a field study to the PP Møbler furniture workshop on Friday and it was ah-mazing. My teacher dubbed it "an architect's playground," which I think was pretty spot on. All of the chairs were designed by Hans Wegner and were gorgeous construction. 4// Snagged these pretty sandals at H&M yesterday! I have been looking for an updated take on Birkenstocks and these gem versions were a good fit

5// Shenanigans inside the Glyptotek... 6// For Easter Sunday I wanted to take my family somewhere super special and chose the Marble Church, or Frederik's Kirke, and it was so beautiful inside and way more ornate than most churches in Copenhagen so it was a special day!

Links I'm Loving Lately:

  • I was really inspired by this video from Marie Forleo. I'm not in a creative rut at the moment, but the advice in it was so motivational! 
  • How amazing is this artist studio? I love how compartmentalized it is. It's a dream space!
  • And finally, this is one of the most spot-on outfits I've seen in a while. A look I definitely plan to recreate! Just need to thrift a great skirt like that...

I have a bunch of outfits to share with you guys this week, can't wait! See you tomorrow! x, Paige

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