Introducing My Shop: Studio Skate!

It's finally here guys! I have been dying to tell you about my new business. I have painted my art on skateboard decks for many years, and this summer I am launching my skateboard brand, Studio Skate! Launching this brand is something I have dreamed about for a while, and I am beyond excited to make it come to life! I will be hand painting the decks, which will also be handcut by myself.

In order to make this dream a reality I have launched the project on Kickstarter! You can check out the project page here to see samples of my art. Any support you can give would be so appreciated! There is a lot in it for you guys too, by contributing you can get stickers, posters, or even your own custom skateboard deck! 

If you've never tried Kickstarter before, it is a website that makes projects possible. By contributing towards the goal, you will receive rewards based on how much you give. If the project is not fully funded, you will get your money back. But here's to hoping we get fully funded!!

I want to thank you all so much for your support in advance. Not just for this new project, but also for reading my blog + being here! I am so appreciative to have this awesome online posse. 

Please go give Studio Skate a look, and share it with all your friends! We are also on Instagram: @studioskate

Thanks again guys, and I'll see you tomorrow! x, Paige