Golden Hour


As much as Friday's outfit was a California look, this is a Danish one. As just as I have come to appreciate neutrals and architectural cut pieces, I have also come to appreciate the light. I was out on this day at 8 PM, enjoying the sunset, or the golden hour as it is called. Such a change from when it got dark at 3 in January. The Danes are known as the "masters of light" when it comes to design, and now that I've experienced a dark winter, I value the light just as much as them. 


Longer hours of daylight also mean warmer days, which equals...bare legs! I've totally forgotten what it feels like to show some skin. Although I will say, I have finally realized why Danish girls are always seen wearing tights. I attempted to bike to my favorite coffee shop while wearing this outfit, and man it was not easy! I might have to stick with the tights for my last two weeks of using a bike as transportation... x, Paige

Crop top // Pieces [similar]

Asymmetrical skirt // Weekend [similar]

Cardigan // Love Culture [similar]

Sandals // H&M [similar]

Rings // H&M, DIY, Flea markets [similar linked down below]