Longboard Lady


I finished painting a custom longboard yesterday, and when it was done I was in the mood to start riding again. It had been so long since I rode this huge wood burned deck I made a few years back, but it was so fun! I'm still a bit rusty :) I have also been enjoying working on new deck orders. Just to remind you guys, there are 4 days left on my Kickstarter for Studio Skate. I can also make custom longboards, just like the one in these photos! Check it out and share it with your friends if you haven't already!


Jake and I rode around last night, and it was the most beautiful evening. We officially hit the triple digits in Phoenix yesterday, but I couldn't even tell! Wearing a vintage crop top + some cutoffs helped cool me off. This was one of those days where I didn't really care if anything matched, I just wanted to get outside and have some fun. See you tomorrow! x, Paige

Neon tee // Vintage [similar]

White studded shorts // Urban Outfitters [similar]

Skate shoes // Vans 

Backpack // Billabong [similar]

Longboard // Studio Skate 


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Photos by Jake Bouchard