Soul Carrier x Studio Skate

I am so excited to show you my collaboration with the cutest handbag brand, Soul Carrier! Combining my loves for fashion + skateboard art is such a dream. 

IMG_9806 copy.jpg

When I met the designer of these beautiful bags, Jenn, I just knew we had to make some magic with Studio Skate happen! The deck features her logo, which I hand painted onto this deck, which I made by hand in my studio as well. 


I love that her brand is all about sharing her creative soul. I strongly believe in sharing your passions with the world, and is an important part of the Studio Skate brand as well. This collaboration was meant to be! 

IMG_9808 copy.jpg

Deck: Studio Skate | Purse: Soul Carrier

This project was so fun for me! Tomorrow I'll be featuring my Soul Carrier bag in an outfit post, so be sure to come back and check the blog!