Tattoo + Lyrics Handmade Deck

I am too stoked to share this deck with you today! Here's why it was so fun...

blog 3.jpg

First off, this is one of my handmade decks. There is something about having created the canvas as well as the art that I just love

blog 4.jpg

Another highlight of this project, was that my friend Jake came up with the concept for this deck. It was inspired from a song by Four Year Strong, our favorite pop punk band. 

blog 2.jpg

We worked side by side in my studio on this piece. Him providing his opinions and comments, and me sketching and painting. It was so awesome to have him next to me weighing in, because I typically communicate with custom clients over email. 

blog 1.jpg

Finally, this design was just rad in general. Tattoo-inspired-art was a huge influence for me when I first started painting skateboards, and it was nice to go back to those roots.

Big thanks to Jake for his amazing idea + for riding this baby around at school!

Interested in a custom skateboard for yourself? I'd love to bring your ideas to life! 

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