Cool Christmas Gift Alert! Pastel Longboard

I was quite busy (and excited) to have a bunch of orders over the Christmas season. I'll be sharing all of them here on the blog of course, but this one was pretty dang cool...if you ask me. 

If you've browsed my portfolio, you may recognize this design...but at a much smaller size! I originally designed + painted this pastel cow skull on one of my handmade penny boards.

But, I received a special commission to use the penny board design, but at a larger scale - on a longboard! Needless to say, I was stoked. It was very fun for someone to choose one of my original designs, and painting bigger is always better! Which reminds me...I totally have a goal to paint a mural in 2015! I hope I can make that happen! 

Anyways, I filmed the entire painting process for you guys before I sent out this longboard. I hope you'll watch it + enjoy! 

The husband who gifted this longboard to his wife was super thoughtful, and I was so happy to hear that she loved her gift. He added some wheels for her, and she was set to ride in style! How cool! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today babes! See you in my next post <3 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!