Custom Sports Skateboard Painting: UCLA Bruins

Let's talk custom decks. They're my favorite sort of paintings because it's honestly so cool for someone to have an idea, talk with them about it, and bring the design to *life*! 

This time around, it was extra special because I got to work with one of my dear friends + old roommate, Dani, to create a custom deck for her brother's Christmas gift. Many text messages later, we chose this design, and I got to work! And you know what? It was one of my favorite decks yet! 

I wanted this deck to rock a ton of school spirit, but also look modern + not too feminine. I'm a sucker for anything geometric, so this whole triangular pattern totally fit the bill. 


The best part of this whole process was definitely seeing her brother's reaction in photos + getting super sweet text messages from him thanking me for his deck! Seeing people enjoy my art definitely the coolest part of what I do!

 One skateboard, a lot of paint, and one giant Dutch Bros coffee fueled this painting. I filmed the entire  process in a video, and yes, my giant coffee makes a feature. I couldn't resist!

I ended up loving this deck design so much, that its now listed in my shop, and is totally customizable for any team or school that you wanna represent!

I just got an order today for a University of Arizona deck with this design, so I'll be sharing that soon! Disclaimer: I apologize in advance to all the ASU fans out there who will see that deck. I am one myself, but I'll take one for the team and paint the deck ;) 

Thank you for reading + I will see you in my next post! 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!