Southwestern Art...Cuz I Love Arizona!

Christmas break was amazing for me. Why? Well getting to see my family, friends, and boyfriend is always great (duh), I've recently fallen in love with Arizona (moving away will do that to ya), and finally, I had a ton of free time to paint! 

Being in the desert always gives me all the boho vibes. I swear when I'm at school doing my architecture stuff I always get in a minimal mood + just wear a lot of black. But something about being surrounded by cacti + mountains changes the way I dress...and the way I paint. 

I decided to run with the whole bohemian thing, and made a bunch of southwestern inspired panel paintings during my break. I'll share them all with you, I swear, but this is the one that kicked off the obsession!

I typically make videos only of my skateboards, but I thought it was fun to mix it up for a change!

Needless to say, Arizona is my new muse. Whenever someone tells me that they sense a southwestern style in my art or say "I can tell by your art that you're from Arizona" (I swear I actually get that often) I do a little happy dance inside. I think it's a hometown pride thing, ya? 

Oh and P.S. This piece is totally for sale in my Etsy shop. Justtt in case you wanna add a little boho magic to your space!

As always, thank you for stopping by to read my blog! See you in my next post! 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!