Girly Penny Board!

I have a new obsession with hand-lettering as of late. I really feel like there has been an explosion of lettering, especially on Instagram, and I love seeing the flow of creativity it creates! 

One lettering account that I love is by my friend John of @sparks5designs. We met (online) because he lives in my home state of Arizona, and I really liked his work! So, I was super excited when he had the idea to make two penny boards for his niece + nephew for Christmas! 

Here's the first of John's designs! He whipped these up by hand + threw them into Illustrator with a penny board template I made for him in a 3D modeling program I use for architecture projects. This one was for his niece, Paisley, to hang on her wall, so he incorporated her nickname + a girly color palette! Too cute! 

Next up was the painting process. I did a freehand sketch of John's design onto the deck I made, and then got to painting. I filmed the entire process if you're curious, and you can watch it down below, just click play!

This deck was such a fun collaboration, and it was awesome because giving John the boards gave us a chance to meet in person! 

I can't wait to share our other collab deck in a future video post, but until then, thanks so much for reading! 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!